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Concept Generation & Interaction


This is an age that technology and magic are coexisting. The TPX01- SAGA device is a commonly used personal ranged weapon. This device can be activated by touching when the light tube emerges. The body information of the controller can be remembered. When the photon frame is completed, the eagle will transfer the electronic components of horizontal decomposition to the controller, and then assemble them according to the information of the photon frame, and finally achieve luminescence. Controlling the flow of photon blood according to the will of the controller is something that only a highly adaptable person can do and therefore cannot be used by the normal people.


Luminescence can be achieved by touch, and the intensity of luminescence can be controlled by touch pressure sensing and sound volume. In addition, this Creature can automatically generate a spell to control the luminous intensity.
INPUT: touch | pressure | sound
OUTPUT: light on/off, light intensity/type/color, sound

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